Named after the airport, not the city.


Because when your bike and body work perfectly together, and the race opens up, and you make that perfect move, and nobody can follow, you’re not riding anymore. You’re flying.

But ask anyone who has been there. It doesn’t happen by chance. It takes weeks, months, sometimes years of preparation. Having the correct equipment is part of that preparation, and there is no piece of equipment more important than wheels.

With all the advances in materials made over the past 20 years, we strongly believe that a set of hand built wheels, is the single most important commitment one can make to their cycling performance.

At PDX Wheels, we combine cutting edge materials with precise technique, honed at the Bill Woodul Clinic at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. Using the best materials available, and impeccable technique, we deliver a wheel carefully tuned to respond to each individual rider.

Whether racing, training or the Sunday coffee ride, we look forward to helping match each rider to wheels built to maximize your personal strengths. We believe that “if you look good, you ride good” and offer customization options to make sure your next flight does not go unnoticed.


PDX Wheels


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