Front Wheel


New front wheel! C4 FH-78/Sapim Laser/Velocity A23 606g $220.

Rim – Velocity A23 – We’ve been really excited by the wide rims Velocity has been cranking out lately. The A23 really seems to give 23 and 25 wide tires a nice profile. 426g. $80.

Hub – C-4 FH-78 – C4 is a little known American based company that makes great hubs for absolutely amazing prices. 78 gram front hub uses Phil Wood bearings and includes a superlight Ti skewer. At $110 these are really impressive.

Spokes – Sapim Laser – Sapim makes the best spokes in the world.

We built this up as a light front wheel to go with Powertap rear. A wheelset using the C-4 RH-215 rear hub would run $500 and clock in right around 1400g.