ENVE Carbon Race Wheels!


Custom built wheels featuring ENVE Rims, Sapim Spokes and DT Swiss hubs start at $1899. Get Started.


A23 / C-4


The ultimate fast, all season build. We’ve been loving the wide A23 rims, an extra few mm of width provides a surprising increase in stability, especially when cornering. C-4 hubs are always a bang-for-the-buck winner. Tie ’em together with Sapim Lasers and you’ve got a light, tough wheelset for all year round.

– Velocity A23 Rim
– C-4 FH-80, RH-210
– Sapim Laser 24f/28r
– 1560g

ENVE Smart System


Enve Smart 6.7 Aero Wheelset
We are VERY excited to be accepting pre-orders for the new ENVE Smart System Rims. The 6.7 tubular rims will be available in June.

Designed in partnership with Formula 1 aero genius Simon Smart, the 6.7 rims offer optimized performance in any conditions on any type of bike. The rims also put a premium on stability, offering maximum control when you need it most, when you’re going really fast.

Factory built wheels featuring DT Hubs and Spokes start at $2,900.

Custom builds featuring C4 FH-80/RH-215 hubs, Sapim CX-Ray spokes and the ENVE 6.7 rims available, get in touch for pricing.

Powertap builds also available!!!

Get your order in.

Velocity A23 / Powertap Pro+


Velocity A23 Rim
Sapim Laser Spokes – 28
Powertap Pro+ – Shimano/SRAM 8/9/10 Freehub
$1200, post paid in the US.

Great build for training and race day. The A23 rims give tires a great profile for more stable cornering. Ideal for road or cyclocross.

The Pro+ is really the sweetspot in the Powertap line, only 50g heavier than the SL+ but hundreds of dollars less expensive. ANT+ compatible.

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Gigantex 50 Powertap Rebuild


Rebuild of a Gigantex 50mm deep carbon wheel.
Gigantex 50mm rim / Powertap Pro+ / Sapim Cx-Ray. 1032g.
Conversion includes hub, spokes, build $950 post paid in the US.

SOLD – Thank You! – 2005 Bontrager Race X-Lite


SOLD contact us for other options —

2005 Bontrager Race X-Lite Wheelset. Good condition, checked by mechanic, 100% ready to race. DT 240 Hubs, DT Aerolite Spokes 16f/16r. $600 postpaid in continental US, for international rates contact sales@pdxwheels.com.

SOLD – 2006 Bontrager Race X-Lite Tubular


Used inventory is always changing. Contact us for the latest.

Great condition 2006 Bontrager Race X-Lite tubulars. Carbon rims, DT Swiss 240 Hubs, DT Swiss Aeroite Spokes. Checked by mechanic, great glue job, ready to go. $750 post paid in the continental US. For international rates contact sales@pdxwheels.com.

Front Wheel


New front wheel! C4 FH-78/Sapim Laser/Velocity A23 606g $220.

Rim – Velocity A23 – We’ve been really excited by the wide rims Velocity has been cranking out lately. The A23 really seems to give 23 and 25 wide tires a nice profile. 426g. $80.

Hub – C-4 FH-78 – C4 is a little known American based company that makes great hubs for absolutely amazing prices. 78 gram front hub uses Phil Wood bearings and includes a superlight Ti skewer. At $110 these are really impressive.

Spokes – Sapim Laser – Sapim makes the best spokes in the world.

We built this up as a light front wheel to go with Powertap rear. A wheelset using the C-4 RH-215 rear hub would run $500 and clock in right around 1400g.